Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Review Of “Jug Face”

jug-face-posterChad Crawford Kindle’s “Jug Face” is a sort of neo-primitive/folkish horror film steeped in a supernatural presence and superstitious stereotypes. This somber tale as twisted as the Supplejack and as pervasive as the Kudzu holds a lot of what it represents in superficial representations of Hill folk and magic. “Jug Face” stars Sean Bridgers, Lauren Ashley Carter, Kaitlin Cullum, Larry Fessenden and follows a secluded community of mostly kin, completely superstitious, worshipers of supernatural pit which heals life but also takes life. The decision is made by the turning of the potter’s wheel and the face that soon is revealed in the kiln. My feelings on this film-I have to be really honest- are mixed at best. I lean more toward not wanting to like this film because quite frankly a lot of the character portrayals just came off more offensive than amusing but I also found so many small aspects about this film so cool and original-not to mention slightly taboo!

The story is a pretty original folk-legend styled story that has some questions, that manage to linger just far enough out of reach to warrant watching the whole movie, hoping for small morsels of information to let you know more about this clan of hillbillies. Why the hell were they out there anyway. How did the come to find the pit? History – shit like that drove me to pay attention to this movie’s storyline. I was not rewarded in that aspect but during the course I was given moments of uncomfortable, cringing accents, twisted family dynamics and enough gory moments to make the discomfort acceptable. The pit and the fact that faces of sacrifices form on jugs is the biggest thing that I loved about this film-oh and the gore!

“Jug Face” runs a bit low in the adrenaline department instead flowing in a more melodramatic, lethargic wave of communal depression.  I didn’t find anything connectable with too many of the characters and Sean Young’s character done more to irritate my viewing experience than accentuate it. So that was disappointing. However like I said-this story is pretty original and slightly outlandish enough to make anyone really want to watch it at least once! Don’t expect much and if –like me you are southern and from the hills- some elements may come off a little offensive or cliché but over all “Jug Face” holds steady at a mildly entertaining WTH? sort of movie viewing experience. Basically I was curious so I watched it-now that that is out of the way I can move on to other things.

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