Saturday, April 16, 2011

Israeli Horror Film"Rabies" to show at Tribeca Film Festival

Public Screenings

Thu, Apr 21, 10:00PM Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 5
Thu, Apr 21, 10:00PM (Online) Streaming Room
Wed, Apr 27, 6:00AM (Online) Streaming Room
Wed, Apr 27, 9:00PM Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 7
Thu, Apr 28, 11:59PM AMC Loews Village 7 - 1
Fri, Apr 29, 12:45PM Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 8
A psychotic serial killer on the loose in the woods crosses paths with a group of unsuspecting teenagers, and soon people are dying one by one. It's a popular horror premise, but mobilized in a refreshingly novel iteration by first-time filmmakers Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado. Among a brother and sister with a dark secret, a kindly forest ranger and his old dog, and four tennis players waylaid by a pair of unhinged local cops, misunderstandings and fear pull Rabies' protagonists inexorably deeper into the infectious, indiscriminate violence foreshadowed in the film's title.

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