Tuesday, June 25, 2019

"Mirage" Set For Release This July : Available For Pre-order Now

"Mirage" will be released on July 16 and is available for Pre-Order Now on Amazon Prime. The film is from writer/director Christophe Beaucourt. It stars Charles Sereis, Jeremie Haik, and Taga Addams. 

The story of Charlie, a desesperate photographer without any money, work and home, who is suffering from a serious eye disease that causes hallucinations. He’s slowly losing his sight and has a urgent need for money to get surgery. In exchange for paying for the surgical operation, his friend Tony, ruined by an unsuccessful attempt to cure his wife’s orphan disease, tries to convince Charlie to euthanize her, anxious as he is to recover her life insurance. Without any hope, Charlie ends up agreeing to kill her by simulating a burglary that goes wrong. He quickly finds himself confronting the borders of reality.

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