Friday, April 19, 2019

Crime Documentary "Rainy In Glenageary" Out Now

Award-winning Irish director Graham Jones, who has made several critically-acclaimed indie movies since the nineties such as NOLA AND THE CLONES and HOW TO CHEAT IN THE LEAVING CERTIFICATE, releases a new film today called RAINY IN GLENAGEARY.

This latest work from Jones is an unorthodox true crime documentary which explores the unsolved 1999 murder of 17 year old Irish schoolgirl Raonaid Murray - or 'Rainy' as some friends called her.

"I count three valid reasons to release this film, " says Jones. "The first is that it reports a credible allegation Dun Laoghaire GardaĆ­ physically assaulted at least one of Raonaid's close friends during a regular police interview in 1999, without the slightest provocation and indeed their attitude toward her 'crew' in general was so accusatory that several teens just completely clammed up."

"The second reason is that some of this crew have recently begun re-thinking the events of late 1999 and it seems they do have further information, but after their previous alleged treatment by GardaĆ­ in relation to such a traumatic event were naturally uncertain how to proceed and consented instead to internal audio recordings of their claims for our film's research."

"Yet the third and perhaps most compelling reason of all is that, following a number of Raonaid's crew bravely opened up about such issues, we have evidence strongly suggesting that others vilified them for speaking out - a large red flag to our filmmaking team."

Check out the documentary here:

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