Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Release Details Announced For "Perfect Obedience"

Artsploitation Films has announced that it will release 2014's "Perfect Obedience" on DVD and Blu-ray. The film is directed by Luis Urquiza and is based on true events. Check out the trailer below. "Perfect Obedience" hits shelves July 10th.

Based on true events, the film is set in 1960s Mexico and follows the impressionable 13-year-old Julian as he enters a seminary. A seminary whose code of conduct is the complete unquestioning obedience to authority. The boy soon becomes the target of desire for the seminary’s charismatic head who takes the boy under his wings. But instead of religious training, Julian soon realizes he must obey the older priest’s every command. A lurid tale told in deceptively pop, and at times even humorous, fashion.

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