Saturday, June 30, 2018

My Review Of "Dead House"

From Wild Eye Releasing, "Dead House" is directed by Amerigo Brini. It stars Danny Cutler,  Alex Lucchesi and Alex Southern. The film is a dark, brutal assault that brings all the horror, psychological - visceral - intense horror from start to finish.

A group of thieves have the tables turned on them during a home invasion. Hidden in the basement they find the remains of secret viral lab experiments gone savagely wrong. Now they must escape before they are infected with a new strain of virus that turns its victims into mutated psychopaths.

The story is modern melding of genre shock horror and classic giallo that works almost always when told by Eurocentric storytellers. It brings in the darkest natures of man on multiple level, cruelty and dark sinister intent. In this case the nature of nightmare science unchecked. A really good mix of two common concepts told with originality. Reminds me of 2010's Devil's Playground with a heavy dose of "Hate Crime" thrown in.

The special effects are awesome and filled with gore. Practical techniques dominate the visceral, bloody death scenes in giallo goodness. Creature design and makeup equal any found on The Walking Dead but stay within indie purity- modest, proud zombies and creature styles done without being overdone or digitally enhanced post production.

Overall "Dead House" offers a good time for horror fans. Organic upscale indie performances rich in dark, intense scenes. Violent, practical gory moments. Plenty of energy and horror from the beginning right up to the very end. (4/5)

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