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Friday, June 5, 2015

My Review Of "Hillbilly Horror Show Vol. 4"

Okay, the "Hillbilly Horror Show" is one of my new favorite anthology, horror host collection. I am always apprehensive about anything that has people "acting" redneck, white trash, or hillbilly. Some people just can't pull it off without either being offense, off putting, or just silly. Being that I am Southern white trash, and a Hillbilly (moved to S.E. KY about 14 yrs ago), the people have to get it right for me to enjoy it. Now back to my review.

"Hillbilly Horror Show Vol. 4" effortlessly carries on the tradition of late night horror hosted shows with the comedic theatrics  you get from "My Name Is Earl" while presenting us with some truly entertaining and clever horror shorts from some of today's darkest minds in the indie horror community. This volume seems to be all about gettin' some strange. And that we do!

First the guys, and gal that make up the Hillbilly Horror Show. Some of the humor isn't as funny as it was intended to be, the punchlines tend to fall flat or the timing is off. I don't know but there are a few moments when the "hillbilly" state of mind seems to be taken from bad television representations of white trash, but for the most part this crew is funny, and entertaining. I don't know why they haven't been put on late night Fridays on Spike TV or TBS. The Hillbilly Horror Show is perfect for television.

Now for the short films. "Hillbilly Horror Show Vol. 4" keeps pace with the previous volumes when it comes to giving us some fresh, creative, and twisted new flicks. It is something that has impressed me from the beginning of this anthology series. There is some pretty awesome things happening in indie horror! And the short film collection in Vol. 4 here as well as other material is proof! Plus I like that Hillbilly Horror Show chooses short films that have a dark funny bone, and a bit of a morality or karma that ends the stories. The Hillbilly Horror Show is worth checking out. it may not be for everyone because of the hillbilly shtick, but if you have a sense of humor and love indie horror then definitely check it out!
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