Thursday, June 4, 2015

My Review Of "Above Us Lives Evil"

"Above Us Lives Evil a.k.a They Came From The Attic" is a creature horror by Jason Mills. It is a simple, straightforward nightmarish tale about a family moving into a new home with a sinister background and almost otherworldly occupants. It stars   Leon BourikosNathan DashwoodRobert L. Duncan, and Nicola Elbro. 

Synopsis: When an accident takes the life of their young boy, his family moves and finds a picturesque location seemingly ideal for a new beginning. Little do they know that something is amiss in their new neighborhood as creepy neighbors and strange occurrences begin to distract their daily life. Slowly they realize that there is something much worse than their memories and guilt dwelling within the house. The attic harbors an ancient evil so strong it confronts the family's deepest fears and drives them against one another and the new dream home soon becomes a house of unspeakable horrors.

"Above Us Lives Evil" is a throwback to classic, basic horror stories that just put people in terrifying situations, where they scream, bleed and die. In this case it is at the hands of some monstrous creatures. The story actually begins with the guise of a paranormal or creepy neighbor situation that makes you think the family just picks the wrong neighborhood to move to, but what unfolds is standard foray into some really creative areas of creature feature that reminded me of old school horror like "C.H.U.D." or "The Beast Within". The acting is pretty decent, with a cohesive cast that give believable performances. The directing and cinematography are superb and offer up some eeriness that rocks.

The special effects are a blend of practical effects, great creature design, and paranormal-esque trickery that combine to give a creepy, chilling nightmare. Visually I found "Above Us Lives Evil" to be easy to watch, fun, and entertaining. There is blood, screams, spooky night time horror, and -oh yeah some pretty wicked creatures. The soundtrack isn't really anything spectacular but it does a nice enough job at setting an emotionally macabre atmosphere to the story. The music and sound effects are what you want to hear in a film like this. Really I was impressed at how well thought out and put together the film is for a low budget indie horror. 

Overall "Above Us Lives Evil" is a cool, simple horror film with some pretty nice creature makeup and carnage. The story is pretty basic and not built up as nicely as it could have been. Some of the characters aren't as well developed as they should have been and some depth to the story surrounding the creatures could have really helped to anchor the horror of the situation. That is the only reason I didn't give this a higher score on IMDb or Amazon. That and the ending. It doesn't really feel complete. It ends mid action, or death. So there is no closure or finality other than some final credits scenes that we get to enjoy along with the rock song that ends the film. I really was wanting to watch the family have to fight through till the bitter end instead of having it suggested to me. Still "Above Us Lives Evil" is worth watching!

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