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Sunday, March 29, 2015

My Review Of “Hooked Up”

hooked upParanormal horror “Hooked Up” is directed by Pablo Larcuen and follows two mates on a Euro trip to Barcelona. The two go out and get lucky-So they think. They go back to a near by house to get busy with the girls they met only one of the women has a more sinister night planned. “Hooked Up” stars Jonah Ehrenreich, Júlia Molins, Stephen Ohl, and Natascha Wiese in a found footage framed nightmare. It is a high energy, emotional overload horror story that creates a traveler’s warning in a paranormal, and bloody roll-of-the-dice that is hooking up!

The story is a tightly woven blend of American horrors abroad and urban legend that mixes xenophobia with a baser celebration of the macabre surrounding ghost girl hook-ups that has evolved from the modern urban legend field. Although I wrestled with the film’s framing around the found footage style to tell this pretty cool story, I succumbed to the fact that it is that basic irritant I have with pretty much all found footage films-“would, given the circumstances of such a horrific series of events, would a person realistically continue to hold on to the camera to continue videoing the events?” Especially when the story unfolds chronologically without breaks.

Aside from the “found footage” issue I have, generally, I enjoyed many aspects of “Hooked Up”. I found the acting to be believable, the premise plausible, and the emotion genuine. There are a few moments when the dialog isn’t delivered quite as convincingly as I am sure the director and story hopes for, but for the most part the drama, suspense and energy is alive in “Hooked Up”. There isn’t much lull in the excitement or high drama here, every scene just amplifies the next as far as character drama. It is a cool, thrilling story and even in found footage it unfolds chillingly.

The special effects in “Hooked Up” are pretty tight as well, the blood and gore looked realistic enough. The death and violence are visceral and quality. The cinematography ran the expectant gambit of found footage gimmicks, First Person POV, shaky, shadowy scenes, quirky angles and confusing scenes that have obscured views with sudden thrills. Some times it works and sometimes it doesn’t. Luckily enough of the scenes work to create the intended nightmare sequences with enough energy to complete the story arc. Overall, “Hooked Up” just passes enough to be a cool Eurotrip horror, but not enough to be a must see. Plus the ending was really hokey and somewhat cliché. For found footage/paranormal fans this is an okay flick, for a wider horror fan base, “Hooked Up” doesn’t really offer much that hasn’t been seen and done before.
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