Monday, October 6, 2014

A Spine Chilling Conversation With Cursed Kristina Anapau

KAHawaiian-born actress Kristina Anapau, known for her roles in such scare-fare as Cursed, Black Swan, and True Blood, is back in a shivers-up-the-spine effort this October. In “Altergeist”, premiering on DirecTV, Anapau plays some form of a Ghostbuster looking into events at a supposedly haunted winery.

In this exclusive interview, Anapau talks about her new film, as well as the legendary troubled production of Wes Craven’s “Cursed”, and her next role – that of a CEO.

A Southern Life: How does a dancer from Hawaii end up an in-demand movie and TV star based out of Hollywood?
Kristina Anapau:  I never planned on becoming an actress. I was very serious about classical ballet from a very young age…and then very serious about academia. I graduated from high school at 15 and began attending University of Hawaii the same year. Through a series of coincidences I was offered the lead role in a film Universal was shooting in Hawaii. After we wrapped, I was encouraged to move to LA and pursue acting as a career. I was 16 and the rest is history.

A Southern Life: Was your first taste of horror via Wes Craven’s Cursed? What are your memories of that shoot?
Kristina Anapau: Wes Craven was so wonderful to work with as was the cast and crew. It was such a fun shoot.

A Southern Life: Cursed was delayed for quite some time, due to all the reshoots and changes, did that affect you at all?
Kristina Anapau: We did do quite a few reshoots! When it was time for the fourth reshoot, before they called us to schedule the shoot days they simply sent us all t-shirts that said, “Cursed 4 - Back for More!”

KA altergeist
A Southern Life: Black Swan would’ve been a more streamlined and trouble-free production I imagine? And you got to dance again… a double blessing!?
Kristina Anapau: Black Swan was a very intense experience. Darren Aronofsky approaches everything he does with so much focus and attention to detail. It was inspiring on every level.

A Southern Life: We didn’t get to see Maurella again on True Blood – following the birth scene- what do you think happened to her?
Kristina Anapau: Well, with most of the other fairies killed by Russell Edgington at the close of season 5, I’m sure she’s had her hands full with single-handedly repopulating the fairy species.

A Southern Life: Have you seen your True Blood co-stars since wrapping the series?
Kristina Anapau: We had an amazing series wrap party a few months ago.

A Southern Life: When did Altergeist come along?
Kristina Anapau: Altergeist came along a few years ago— such a great shoot. We shot at Korbel up in Northern California.

A Southern Life: How will you be celebrating it’s TV premiere – planning a party?
Kristina Anapau: I think a party is definitely in order.

altA Southern Life: Have you seen the finished film? On a scale of one to ten, how many pillows will we need to cover our faces in scary bits?
Kristina Anapau: It will definitely have audience goers on the edge of their seats. What really sets Altergeist apart from other thrillers is the psychological aspect of the film— increases the scare factor tremendously. The filmmakers did such an excellent job.

A Southern Life: What a lot of people won’t realize is that you’re also the CEO of a company. What can you tell us about Color it New?
Kristina Anapau: Color it New is fashion product that has been in the works for a few years and is going to change peoples closets forever! I’m so excited to share it with the world. Check out— we launch next week! www.facebook/
twitter: @coloritnew instagram: @coloritnew
twitter: @kristinaanapau instagram: @kristina_anapau

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