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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Teaser For Horror Thriller “Gehenna”

gehennaA teaser trailer has been released for Ka Zarr Coleman produced horror, thriller “Gehenna”. The film is directed by Joe Dyer and begins with an intense scene with a a large man running through the dark woods while screaming for his life. He approaches a seemingly abandon old storage garage. Out of the middle of the fog and darkness an unseen killer ascends from beneath the dark woods. Within a minute he over powers the large man whose desperately trying to escape being pulled into the outer darkness.

Three short days later a group of  hikers accidentally stumble upon several badly mangled, bloody body parts and quickly report it to the police. Over the next two weeks ten murders, and unexpected natural deaths are discovered, all killings appear to be committed with what is assumed to be a machete of some kind. Still nobody, including the police, has a clue how and why the killings are occurring, at first look they appear random until police investigators begin noticing a pattern within the bloody gruesome scenes proving otherwise.

Seasoned police detective Roger Cook (Protagonist) is a burnt-out, burly looking investigator. Looking to retire from the force in 10 days, he is drawn in to the case by the ritualistic and religious based homicides.  When Detective Cook’s younger rebellious step sister, Angela is found missing and later turns up murdered, Detective Cook finds himself thrown into the deeper into the center of the investigation. His only clue is that they all seem to have some sort of ancient Hebrew religious meaning behind them.

GEHENNA PROJECT from Growing Up In Two Generations on Vimeo.
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