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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Pagan Festival Shout Out: Portumnalia

PortunusIt is time again for the Portumnalia, the festival to the god Portunus. Hewas an ancient Roman god, and the god of keys, gates and doors (porta), as well as livestock. He protected grain warehouses and barns. The Temple of Portunus was consecrated on August 17 in the first century BC, and still stands to this day. Portunalia, the festival celebrated in honor of Portunus, was held annually and was celebrated at Rome by the Pons Aemilius and also at Ostia. The Romans threw keys (the symbol of Portunus) in a solemn manner into a fire during Portunalia for good luck.

I have keys placed over the entry ways leading into my home for protection. I keep a lot of old keys around for the varies holidasy and amulets that will use them. I will be throwing a key into the flames tomorrow evening! Read the rest of my post about Portunus and the Portumnalia here.
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