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Saturday, July 5, 2014

My Review Of “Eternal Damn Nation”

1“Eternal Damn Nation” is directed by Alan Del Tufo and stars Jade Elysan, Alan Del Tufo, Carson Dougherty, Wyatt Kuether. The film is a fantasy, action horror that plays out the epic between good and evil over man’s soul. The plot follows , a troubled young woman, who on her 24th birthday discovers a demonic plot for her body and soul.

The story for “Eternal Damn Nation” is grandiose and over-thought but complete. It has the feel of some of the later “Prophecy” films but without the cast or budget. The vision and direction in “Eternal Damn Nation” is done well enough, just not to the level it needed to sell the story arc the writer was going for. The weak acting, poor timing between dialog & action, used for character development, created an awkwardness for me as a viewer. Everything came off a bit more like episodic melodrama with no real soul.

The special effects are basic low-grade CGI effects used mostly in vid games or television series so don’t expect much when watching “Eternal Damn Nation”. The film is a low budget film so I knew the effects were not going to be a big selling point, as most fans of indie cinema will also understand. I think with the weak, and stereotyped performances the CGI was becoming a bit more annoying to watch. “Eternal Damn Nation” is not a film that would watch again but the concept and vision is enough to make we look forward to the creative people behind this one's future projects.
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