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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Details And Trailer On S.O.V. Anthology “Spookfield”

Read the full details on Alex Gonzalez’s upcoming horror anthology shot on video. The S.O.V. chiller is a tale of four interlinking stories told in succession, there is no wrap around story so it all sounds interesting. There is also a trailer available for the film to check out.

spookfieldThe first story is about a man who decides to put an end to his next door neighbor, who happens to be a rapist and  abusive father.

In the second story, a former Archeologist uses Voodoo to bring his recently dead wife back to life, all the while a burglar plans to rob the house where the former Archeologist lives for the second time.

The third story tells the tale of a pimp and his drug lord friend, who murder four hookers in cold blood. But death alone does not stop the hookers, and they come back looking for revenge.

In the fourth story, a woman finds out about her sisters last days in when she reads her diary. She then finds herself kidnapped and in danger of being raped by a rogue cop. But a mysterious relic she has in her pocket might be the very thing that saves her from her night of terror. (synopsis provided by Dr.Carnage)

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