Monday, March 24, 2014

Taste The Fear From The Deadly Delivery With “Killer Pizza”

Kai Winikka’s “Killer Pizza is set to put the horror in your late night cravings as he dares you to taste the fear from the deadly delivery. The film is set to stars Ron Jeremy who has transitioned well from adult film into indie horror comedy genre film. “Killer Pizza” which I imagine will be a cheeky fun, smart horror comedy like Rubber or the classic Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes. The crowd funding has kicked off over at Kickstarter so check it out. I like where they want to go with this flick. Throw in some massive stoneration and things will click with this film.

killer pizzaJimmy and Sam are two college graduates who return home and find themselves working at a small pizza shop that pops up out of nowhere. It doesn't take long for them to suspect that they're working for two cosmic freaks with more sinister intentions than simply delivering pie. What is happening at the Killer Pizza shop? What is behind their secret recipe? 

For Killer Pizza, the biggest anticipated challenge is the implementation of the Special Effects. Far-out creature designs, insane Pizza Monster moments, and more. We will not be satisfied with camp or “B-grade” results so we welcome back this opportunity to work with the same seasoned Special Effects artist that we have used in many of our past productions. Having combed the script with our SFX artist, together we have prioritized our budget to enable us to achieve impressive visual and horror-inducing feats with out the use of CGI.  WE’RE TALKING REAL BLOOD HERE! Not really, but it will be the ‘real’ fake thing.

We are setting out to make a horror picture that will also make people laugh. This was a writing move that will most certainly set Killer Pizza apart, as its title and genre themselves tend to depict certain tropes and tone that we are consciously avoiding. Our goal is to combine the visual and suspenseful elements in a film that will capture a coming-of-age story that is both horrifying and delightful.

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