Friday, March 21, 2014

DVD Release Details For Slasher Flick “The Legend of the Psychotic Forest Ranger”

The-Legend-of-the-Psychotic-Forest-RangerTHE LEGEND OF THE PSYCHOTIC FOREST RANGER is now available on DVD from Level 33 Entertainment on April 22nd, 2014. Full of laughs and gore, this film delivers the campy entertainment of slasher movies from days gone by.THE LEGEND OF THE PSYCHOTIC FOREST RANGER is available at and other fine retailers at an SRP of $14.99.

Written, directed, and produced in Canada by Brad Mills, THE LEGEND OF THE PSYCHOTIC FOREST RANGER was an official selection at the Atlantic Film Festival. The movie is a fun, campy throwback to those old 80’s VHS horror flicks that you would rent at your local video store.

Full of plot holes and cheesy dialogue, THE LEGEND OF THE PSYCHOTIC FOREST RANGER is a B horror movie straight out of the 1970s and ‘80s. After taking a wrong turn down an abandoned road, the Jock, the Joker, the Blond Bimbo, and the Paranoid Brunette run out of gas and find themselves stranded in the middle of the woods. What a total bummer! What’s that noise? Why is everyone vanishing? Is it all one of Bradley’s dumb practical jokes, or could the legend be true? Your compass can’t help you in these woods!

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