Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SRS Cinema’s Fourth Entry “American Gore Stories: Shot On Video” DVD Release Details

AMERICAN GORE STORIES VOL 4: SHOT ON VIDEO ARRIVES ON DVD March 25th, 2014. Four Movies from The SOV Era of the 1980-90’s on DVD for the first time! SRS Cinema, in collaboration with MVD, is proud to present the fourth entry in their popular “American Gore Stories” series, “Shot on Video”.

americangorestoriesDuring the 1980’s and into the 1990’s, a new boom of filmmaker emerged, using consumer brand video cameras and utilizing formats such as VHS, 8mm, SVHS and Hi8mm. The features were rough, the talent behind them ranged, but all of them shared one thing in common – a true love of film making. These movies mostly circulated among the underground film fan networks, but some even cracked into stores like Best Buy, Tower and Blockbuster. But during the early 21st century, these movies were mostly forgotten. But in recent years, thanks to marquee titles like “V/H/S” that were inspired by them, old fans have started to hunt them back down while a new generation of fans have discovered and embraced them like never before. Many of them still remain unavailable on DVD, and prices for original releases on VHS have sky-rocketed on sites like Ebay and Amazon.com. Now SRS Cinema has brought four of them together for their “Shot on Video” release.

Synopsis: Four unique & original terror tales: "The Vicious Sweet" - from Ron Bonk, a popular scream queen is abducted by her "biggest" fan. "Shatter Dead; from Scooter McCrae, zombies have overrun the land of the living as one woman tries to make it home; "The Pact" - from Brad Sykes, a haunted house beckons a young woman; "Twisted Illusions" - from Tim Ritter, an anthology of sick & twisted terror tales.

Of the four titles in this set, only “Shatter Dead” has ever been released on DVD! These rare titles are good examples, despite the roughness around the edges, of SOV being done right.

“American Gore Stories: Vol 4” is available via MVD and many major retailers including Amazon.com. Street Date is 3/25/14 and the suggested retail price is just $14.95. Visit www.mvdb2b.com for more info.

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