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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Lars-Erik Lie’s “Hypnagogia” Release Details

Horror short “Hypnagogia” will be unleashed on horror fans tomorrow, March 28th, and can be viewed on Vimeo On-Demand here! Check out the trailer and read the deets below.

From Norway and Violence Productions comes “HYPNAGOGIA”, a 27 minutes long short film about a terrifying phenomenon called “sleep-paralysis”. Director Lars-Erik Lie is obviously inspired by Italian horror-masters, such as Dario Argento and Mario Bava, in this very visual and colorful film. Believe it or not, HYPNAGOGIA is actually a microbudget-film, made for only $666.

Story: Johnny is a photographer, he is also a rapist and a killer. Nadia visits him to do some modeling work, but ends up being raped and killed. Johnny suffers from hypnagogia (sleep paralysis), and a girl in white tries to kill him in his dreams. But what is reality, what is dreams… In HYPNAGOGIA, not everything is as it seems… Remember, “Galdramadr festi ther…”

HYPNAGOGIA blends the stylish Italian-style of horror film-making with the Japanese ghostgirl-stories, together with beautiful locations and gothic music, made by Eric Hyman (known from the 80`s band ANIMAL), and Norwegian composer Kaspar Marius Jota.

And we even have Runulfr Widugastir Tyrfing, a Norwegian expert on Norse culture, vikings, rune magic and old-style sorcery, making a special apperance in HYPNAGOGIA!

The visual style (photo/lights/colors) are inspired by films like Dario Argento`s SUSPIRIA and Mario Bava`s PLANET OF THE VAMPIRES. The music is heavily influenced by the music in John Carpenter`s THE THING and Lucio Fulci`s CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD. Storywise, Japanese ghostgirl-films like JU-ON and THE GRUDGE was very inspiring.

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