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Saturday, March 29, 2014

“Release” Launches Indiegogo Campaign And Debuts New Teaser

ashleyThere's A New Seamstress of Horror In Town. Ashley Rae Paolino is an independent filmmaker who is about to embark on writing, directing, composing and editing her first short film. In making this film, she wishes to show that if you have an idea, a passion and a story to tell, that you do not need a Hollywood studio backing you to bring it to fruition. The possibilities are endless and it's important for independent cinema and films directed by women to be shown to audiences as well.

Release” is a short horror film about a young man, Ty, who slowly starts to lose his perception of reality after his recent break up. He discovers creative ways to enact revenge, unsure if he will get the answers he deserves while his own demons consume him.

Filming starts in early August if Paolino can reach her campaign goal on IndieGoGo. She is proud to say in less than 30 days she was able to pass her halfway goal amount and was also partnered with International Women's Day on IndieGoGo. The lead, Ty, will be played by David Tillinghast and the supporting role of Sebastian, will be played by Kyle Jordan.

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