Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Poster And Trailer Released For “The Pick-Axe Murders III: The Final Chapter”

A new poster and trailer has been released for horror film “The Pick-Axe Murders III: The Final Chapter”. This actually the first film for this indie slasher story so don’t worry-you haven’t missed the previous installments. First Week of Winter Films and Director Jeremy Sumrall stated back during a crowd funding campaign that since this was a story that they wanted to get out to the horror fans and visualized it as a probable trilogy they it was key to produce the best possible film, which considering the very big leap of faith a filmmaker takes with financing, Sumrall chose “Chapter III” because it packaged the most intense material from the story and if they only got to make one film this one was it. Hopefully fans will embrace “The Pick-Axe Murders III” and later we will see the the other two segments to this new slasher mythos. If not this title is a pretty sure bet that a cult status is in the cards as a constant flow of new indie horror fans come across this film hooked by the “The Final Chapter” title.

pick axe murders III“The Pick-Axe Murders III” stars Tiffany Shepis, A. Michael Baldwin, Roxy Vandiver and Kelly Byrns. Check out the trailer that was revealed by Fangoria.

In the summer of 1982, a group of campers was horribly slaughtered at Camp Arapaho in the sleepy little town of Woodland Hills. The 10 gruesome murders were blamed on Alex Black, a mysterious man believed to have been the son of Satan himself, whom the townspeople had hunted down and lynched nearly 20 years prior. A young woman named Adrienne was able to defeat Alex and put a stop to the killing spree.

One year later, a series of mysterious killings at the Meadow Falls Sanitarium (where Adrienne had spent the last year as a patient) was once again linked to the mysterious Alex Black. Twenty patients and staff members were horribly slaughtered in increasingly graphic and brutal ways. In the end, a young man named George Miner, along with Adrienne, was able to defeat Alex Black, sending him back to the foul hell from whence he came.

For five years, Alex Black has been silent, and the town of Woodland Hills has been peaceful. However, tonight is the night of the death moon, and someone has found a way to bring Alex Black back to life…and Alex will not stop until he paints the town blood red.

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