Thursday, March 13, 2014

Discover The Fantastic Design Of Planet Boom Boom And The Berserk Death Dealer

berserk death dealerThe great thing about independent filmmakers is the sheer power of unobstructed, freedom to explore new ways to tell a story beyond the standard, excepted design we are often encouraged consume with reluctant, butter-flavored contempt. That ability to create freely, without outside influences trying to direct the film based on a secondary agenda, is pretty much a normal state of being within the indie community, where the most relative interest is a passionate desire to create a great film the budget will allow. It often produces a film that is a awesome spectacle of experimental artistry, which is exactly what I found when I can across Planet Boom Boom’s “The Berserk Death Dealer”.

berserk death dealer2

“The Berserk Death Dealer” is a fused genre blending story bringing anime vision into live action territory. Written and directed by Vishal Rajput, “The Berserk Death Dealer” the bad-ass assassin Young Alejandro, of the Demon Clan. He can smoke a joint in one puff, drain a bottle in one gulp, and talk trash better than anyone. And when he gets going, his blades sing, his fists fly, and his enemies' heads explode.

His demonic master, Basilisk, has plans for Alejandro -- but everything changes when Alejandro discovers his humanity and spares the life of a young mother. Now Basilisk is out to destroy Alejandro, with the help of a new protégé -- Amon, a ruthless assassin formed from the souls of 1,000 serial killers...

berserk death dealer 1 Check out the trailer for “The Berserk Death Dealer” below. Rajput has managed to do something I thought impossible, make me actually become interested in anime. Plus this is Planet Boom Boom’s debut feature film with original story concept with near groundbreaking visual design then there is only great things to come from Vishal Rajput and Planet Boom Boom.

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