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Monday, October 28, 2013

Poster Released For “Throwback”

Check out the new official poster released for “Throwback”. The sasquatch pic is directed by Travis Bain and stars Shawn Brack, Anthony Ring, Melanie Serafin, Vernon Wells. “Throwback” isn’t due out until 2014. I really like the 80’s Saturday Morning TV vibe this poster has. Kind of like the old Cracked mag covers.

Two modern-day treasure hunters — Jack (Shawn Brack) and Kent (Anthony Ring) — venture into the remote jungles of Far North Queensland in search of lost bushranger gold. But their adventure goes terribly awry when they are threatened by a savage creature, a legendary monster known as a Yowie, Australia’s answer to Bigfoot. Together with a female park ranger named Rhiannon (Melanie Serafin) and a burnt-out ex-homicide detective, Jack and Kent find themselves locked in a battle for survival as the territorial Yowie tries to ensure they never leave its domain alive.

Throwback Poster
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