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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

My Review Of “Ghostkeepers”

ghostkeepers“Ghostkeepers” is a supernatural ghost thriller from director Anthony D.P. Mann. It stars Jennifer Verardi, Christian Pawlowski, Jenny Costanzo, Barry Yuen, Sherri Paterson, Declan Spellman and Anthony D.P. Mann and released through World Wide Multi Media. The story follows a group of horror fans and paranormal adventurers who set up a reunion between the two main actors from the fans’ favorite horror film for an internet podcast station.  When a podcast host organizes a celebration of his favourite horror classic, The House Where Evil Was Born, all hell breaks loose at Marlow House, the film's location and a property with a dark and sordid history. Enter a faded horror star, a washed-up scream queen, a local medium, and a girl with her own terrifying secrets.

“Ghostkeepers” story is a typical draw which hopes to bring the paranormal into the new age of fandom- the podcast and fandom blog world. The movie does a decent enough job to set up the story and give the characters enough to build from, however the attempt seems to fall a bit flat with this film. The acting is amateurish to the level of uncomfortable to watch. There is one actress who really stands out as a pretty believable talent-  Jennifer Verardi. Beyond her character the majority of this film’s human aspect seems less than.

The acting and melodrama seems to hint to some major chilling aspects of this ghost story but those moments seemed to vanish on screen and the drama just falls dead on the breath of the actors. The spooky thrills that should make any and all paranormal or horror films is almost non-existent in this pic so that was a bit disappointing. I found myself rewinding the disc thinking I missed the action, but that was just wishful thinking-there was almost no real action or chills to be had with “Ghostkeepers”. I was not happy with the film and it held little entertainment value for me personally.
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