Monday, June 17, 2013

My Review Of “Hatchet III”

Hatchet III“Hatchet III”-the non-stop onslaught gorefest! The third installment of the Hatchet franchise came on like gangbusters, with a fierce body count, grue-master deluxe amount of gory kill shots that really was like the 4th of July. This one, directed by BJ McDonnell, held true to the stylized massacre that has become synonymous with the name Crowley. The thing that really sets this it apart from the other two films is the insane amount of firepower and action-styled explosions that almost pays homage to “Friday the 13th: Jason Goes To Hell-opening sequence”. Only slightly though-because what was a momentary thing in that film was an extended Apocalypse now folderol of spent shells, grenade  and thunderous sound effects. Really the only times the story rested on the melodrama and character builds where the moments that featured Danielle Harris’ character. Most of the action and carnage was reserved for the “guns-a-blazin’” scenes.

“Hatchet III" was set up as ‘man’s belief that he can maintain or regain control over anything he faces- including the supernatural or impossible-only to realize it just may be a delusional assumption’. After all Victor Crowley systematically eviscerates strike forces and government officials with rabid savagery. At moments it seems to only cover the fact that the writing may not hold up within the story or the fact that it may have been written with more insecurity to the script than desired. Kind of like “sky flowers” for the audience to distract from a flimsy story line. Can’t really say but as I was hearing the set up to finally putting Crowley to rest I felt a little “brake squeaking” moment in the back of my mind-especially considering only moments earlier it was made very clear that there was no killing the monster that was Victor Crowley. However considering the last breath of the film, that original clarity, of Crowley’s inability to die, may very well hold up. I sure hope so because, all negative aspects aside, I really do enjoy the “Hatchet” films and they seem to embody the original spirit of the slasher genre set forth in the 80’s. And the kills scenes and gory effects are awesome. Even if the blood and gore look a little more pumpkin-y prefab than I would like to see splattered across my nightmares.

In all aspects, within the “Hatchet” mythos, “Hatchet III” stands as close to solid as a sequel to the original and even the lesser affective “Part II”. There isn’t much in the lines of character build here but somehow I didn’t mind because the cast was stellar and visceral onslaught was a true gruesome spectacle to see. Even with the kind of flat finally between Marybeth and Crowley which really does beg the question “why did crazy blogger lady just join in and dust this shit in part two?” I mean she seemed to be crotch rocket strapped to the whole Honey Island legend and Victor Crowley thing so why wasn’t she up in the shit earlier in the story. Maybe I missed something. Which is a good reason for me to watch this along with “I “ and “II” over and over again. “Hatchet” really does provide much desired blood into the fictionalized slasher genre that somehow the very human psycho killer just doesn’t give us.

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