Saturday, February 2, 2013

Psychotic Saturdays! Trilogy Of Shit!

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Well this Psychotic Saturdays! Saturday almost slipped by without a post. However there is still time to embrace the crazy on this day of dementia! Instead of bringing to light six flicks to get twisted with I am making this a Psychotic trilogy moment. These three films are full of shit! Violent Shit to be exact. Psychotic serial psycho fucker on a violent rampage! The films come from West Germany. Remember when there was a West Germany! Anyway. Violent Shit I, II and III come from director Andreas Schnaas and give us Karl The Butcher! Ah let the shit hit the blood soaked fan!

Violent Shit I / Maniac 2001: Violent Shit (1989)


A demented, wicked, deformed, cannibalistic killer named K. The Butcher Shitter, escapes from the police and slaughters people in many gory, bloody ways. The film stars Andreas as Karl the Butcher with the rest of the cast being Gabi Bazner, Wolfgang Hinz , Volker Mechter , Christian Biallas , Uwe Boldt , Marco Hegele , Lars Warncke , Werner Knifke , Bettina X , Steve Aquilina , Maren Y. and Beate Z. The film is an ultra low budget slasher flick with a budget of only 2,000.

Violent Shit II (1992)

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Drilled by his deranged mother, Karl the Butcher Jr. takes revenge for the gruesome death of his father. Anyone who sets foot on the forest has to die. Hold on to your limbs as Karl Jr. slaughter his victims to some amazing tunes of terror. Decapitation is just the beginning... The sequel also directed by Andreas Shcnaas had him as the Butcher and also starred Anke Prothmann, Claudia von Bihl.

Violent Shit III: Infantry Of Doom (1999)


Three men get stranded on an island. They are captured by this group of people who turn out to be members of a group under the direction of Karl Sr. and his son Karl Jr., who are the famous butcher/slashers from the first two Violent Shit movies. Soon these three men and a bunch of exiles are given a chance to run away from the group members; unlike some others who are brutally murdered. However they decide to fight back and a gory and violent battle ensues. The film stars director Andreas Schnaas, Marc Trinkhaus, Steve Aquilina,Beate Brüggmann and Matthias Kerl.

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