Thursday, January 31, 2013

Box O’ Markers Sets Up Crowd Funding For ‘Little Box Of Horrors’

Little Box Of HorrorsLittle Box Of Horrors” is a new anthology web series looking for funding at Indiegogo. The series comes from Indie company Box O’ Markers who’s previous series ‘American Zombies’ is currently on it’s fifth episode. In this new series the group of film makers intend to take a new stylized approach on the zombie issue as well as other aspects of Horror. In the first season as the focus is on zombies the creators look to explore the social implications that would suggest how we treat the undead says more about how we treat each other. The company has taken a new adventurous approach to concept in story telling as they will use the companies name for a guide. Simply put a box of markers will suggest what subject is approached each season. As their Facebook describes it : Green marker=Zombies we hope to follow with season 2 Yellow=Slasher next with subsequent color and subgenre association to follow. Hit any of the highlighted terms to go to the series pages and funding site.

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