Tuesday, January 29, 2013

“The Mangled” Announces Big Cletus News!

The MangledWord came out from Lawrence W. Nelson II today on “The Mangled” face book that a deal has been struck with Archstone Distribution. So get ready because Cletus is coming! The deal should secure a cool enough budget and buzz to bring the film to a theatre in the near future as well as a broader reach to the horror fans. The film is set to star Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman,Edwin Neal, John Dugan, Jim O'Rear, Elissa Dowling, Mindy Robinson,Juliet Reeves, Sophie Gotberg, Carla Acosta, Morgan Lester, Tyler Thomas Turner, Hoyt Richards and Rebecca Olejniczak.

On a stormy July night in Texas, the Bates a hard working farming family are preparing for a 25th Anniversary Party. But, these plans are disrupted by a group of teenagers who want nothing more than to terrorize them. As the night dwindles on, 4 tourtist on their way to Flordia for spring break come pounding on their door desperate for help.

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