Tuesday, September 11, 2012

My Review Of The Eyeball Collector By F.E. Higgins

the eyeball collectorThe Eyeball Collector was a discount read. I found it in one of my local retail chains very cheap so I bought it. Mostly because of the title and the cool design of the book cover. I had never heard of this series and after reading it discovered it was part of a preteen novel series aimed at getting young boys to read. Here is something I have learned over the years, A good story is a good story. Don’t let marketing get in the way of reading something with pre-conceived notions that it is not relatable. I have enjoyed many a book that is aimed at younger audiences. The Eyeball Collector is a good story. It is a period story that takes place in a time of powdered wigs, decadence, and a strong division between those who have and those who have not. F.E. Higgins somehow manages to weave stories that feel almost familiar and yet new and wondrous at the same time. This is part of a young adventure series but I can guarantee after reading this book that you do not have to have read earlier novels or be familiar with the author to enjoy this book.

The Eyeball Collector is a steady journey from a simple life of leisure as enjoyed by aristocratic families into a moderate spiral into chaos and re-adjustment for a young boy after the death of his father due to a blackmailer. The characters are defined enough that you can feel invested in them but do not go as deep into their character nature as an adult novel would but that is intended to keep the attention of the younger reader. However there is enough here that the characters come alive with intrigue and mystery. It is a period book as I said earlier so if you don’t know or care for the nuances of a time before modern conveniences then you may not relate to this story. However if anything from the periods of Sherlock Holmes back to the time of Powdered wigs are part of your weekly reading or viewing pleasure then this novel will suit you well. The story is simple yet entertaining with mild dramatic points that are comparable to a family approved rating so there are no salacious or crude material with the pages. It is a journey of a boy who starts out to seek revenge but along the way finds a better way to deal with his new circumstances and reaches a goal of resolution with positive outcomes. The Eyeball Collector tells a fascinating story of a time when things seemed almost mystical and truly fanciful. I would not have set out to read the book knowing the principles for which it was written but having read the book I found it a pleasurable fast read that was well worth my two dollars.

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