Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Review Of “The Collective V.4: Emotions”

1054“The Collective” is an ongoing anthology series from Jabb Pictures that brings together 10 directors to tell 10 stories with one common theme. In the fourth installment “The Collective V.4” the directors dealt with stories of emotions. They chose what emotion they wanted to build their story around and delicious visual bizarre things happen. The emotions explored in this collection range from anger to lust, hate to fear. This time around their was more at stake, this being Volume 4 the stories had to fill some pretty impressive shoes. I love “The Collective” and think it is a refreshing boost into the Indie horror genre with some awesomely tight talent.

Now on to my review of “Emotions” that brings us stories from Red Panic Button Films director Dakota Meyer, Over Analyzed Productions director David Paul Bonnell, Liberty Or Death Productions director James Mannan, Jabb Pictures director Jason Hoover, 3 O’Clock Productions director Jim Dougherty, Spiral Filmworks director Jason Hoover, Freakwolf Productions director Bryan Wolford, Cinephreak Pictures director Jacob Bilinski, Winged Dolphin Pictures director David Ross, Dustin Mills Productions director Dustin Mills.

Watching “Frankie” is like walking into the middle of a horrible crime taking place. The gritty in your face melodrama plays out with real life precision that is both disturbing and captivating. The way the camera circles the scene slowly as the character’s torment continues is hypnotic and powerful.

“Contrition” is more of a tease for a bigger story. It follows a geneticist who creates man from beast instead of the traditional man into beast. The short is a glimpse into a much more darker story. Directed by Jim Dougherty this was an intriguing short film.

“Flash Of Wire” is a classic film noir styled short that is reminiscent  of “Thriller” or “Night Gallery” series. It is a very sinister and amusing tale of Theseus that gives proper tribute to timeless comedies of our past.

“Epidemic” by Dustin Mills is a one man joint circling the drain of infection. It is a gory and visual pandemic that can test your gag reflex. A very cool and gruesome short film.

“Death Do Us Part” is a slow paranormal experience that has a researcher getting caught in the path of departed lovers. A bizarre memoir of romance told in a melancholy way.

“Mychtophobia” is a true psychological thriller. The story is intense and the direction is awesome. A very dark and dramatic trip into phobias where nightmares live. It is a twisted and refreshing story that warrants more.

“Luke 1:71” is about anger and rage. All these hate driven emotions of wasted and abused youth. It is a gritty look into urban cinema verite that is raw and dramatic.

“101 Taylor St.” is a narrative of one very gruesome story from Americana. Set against beautifully shot scenes of the area as well as the crime scene this documentary styled short is commanding and shocking as it tells the story of Martha Louise Kemper.

“Happy Hooker Bang Bang” by David Paul Bonnell is a gory exploitation flick that is dark and wicked. A bloody action sequence that is full of post modern gore filled fun. This was an entertaining short that begs feature length attention.

“Bloody Hooker Bang Bang: A Love Story” is basically the continuation of “Happy Hooker Bang Bang”. Thank you, more please. This is one of the freshest and coolest stories ever. Reminds me of “Hobo With A Shotgun”. I still say full length feature please!

“The Collective V.4: Emotions” is one cool addition to the anthology collection. The stories are modern filled with new concepts and devilish twists. Some of the best of modern Indie talent around are found within “The Collective” and Volume 4 is no exception.

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