Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Setan Facebook/Horror In Facebook" Movie Trailer and Synopsis

Out of Indonesia and into Web!

Farah, She’s very beautiful girl, she’s Crazy Status Updates on Facebook social networking trends in cyberspace. Women’s Crazy Behavior On Facebook Wherever, whenever, sometimes even in a situation not in the right time and the right place, but never, ever miss updating her IMDb status messages.
Terror begins when she was invited to confirm the profile of someone named Mira Anindhita, fortunately, Farah has never confirmed the invitation while her friends suddenly die after confirm the friend invitation. Farah begins to fear, what is actually happen? Is death the people around her have a relationship with facebook or psycho who terrorized them in a strange way.

  • Setan Facebook Cast : Cindy Anggrina, Boy Hamzah, Jehaan Sienna, Maeeva Amin, Waqid, Ricky Ertan.
  • running film : -
  • film releases : Oktober 2010.
  • film director : Helfi Kardit.
  • film producer : Harris Nizam.
  • film production companies : D’color Entertainment.
  • Setan Facebook (2010) Official Movie Website : filmsetanfb

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