Sunday, June 9, 2019

My Review Of "Don't Look"

"Don't Look" is directed by Luciana Faulhaber. The film stars Faulhaber, Jeff Berg, Haley Heisick, Jarrod Robbins, Lindsey Eshelman, Javier E. Gomez, and Curtis K. Case. "Don't Look" is a celebration of 80's slasher/splatter film.

In the tradition of classic horror movies, "Don't Look" is the story of five friends who leave NYC for a weekend they'll never forget.

The story is a typical slice and dice,s driven horror one with archetypal weekenders in the wrong place. It embraces all the things we love about classic splatter films which focus on bloody kill shots, cheeky humor and masked psychos. "Don't Look" doesn't break new ground but it does a good job maintaining the ground it covers. 

The characters are developed more than you typically see in this sort of movie. Even as stereotypical as they are, the characters are entertaining and attractive enough to keep your attention. Some of the delivery of lines fall short of intent. At times interactions feel contrived, but never more than is acceptable in low-budget horror. 

A big draw for any indie horror fan is the practical effects.. "Don't Look" takes on the bloody carnage in the same visceral, gory delight as any big budget movie. And it works. My biggest connection made while watching, was how much like "Bloody Bloody Bible Camp" and "Sleeper" this movie felt. That old school, fun gory messy style.

Yeah, "Don't Look" has some cracks. Some actors give you that "next" feeling in certain moments, you can't analyze the mythos too deeply, and some instances seem forced. But honestly most horror movies carry that flaw. Overall this is a fun, gory indie horror that most fans will appreciate. Check it out for sure. (3/5)

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