Sunday, January 29, 2017

Crowd Funding Begins For Slasher Flick "Scream For Summer"

A crowd funding campaign has began for Studio 605's slasher flick "Scream For Summer". The film comes from an original concept by Writer-Director Cheyenne Gordon. Now with a few tweaks that screenplay will see the light of day.

From the Indiegogo page :

Years ago Writer/Director Cheyenne Gordon came up with an idea that would become a love letter to the 90's genre of slasher horror known as "who done it". That love letter would become a film called Slasher Flick and would end up never seeing the light of day and put on the back burner... until now! Now teaming up with Studio 605Jonestown Films, and Concept Media Cheyenne is ready to bring his film to light with a few tweaks for story and tone and deliver the best love letter to 90's horror yet still giving you a very original story and feel in Scream for Summer!

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