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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Teaser Trailer Released For "Campground: The Requel"

Studio 605 has released a teaser trailer for "Campground: The Requel". The film is "retooling" of sorts of the original indie horror "The Campground", only it is different. Roman Jossart has made the ingeniously creative decision to not just go for a standard sequel, but instead, opting to remake the original story and infuse it with new "sequel worthy" material. Thus "Campground: The Requel" is born!

I x-ed out the "The" from the title because the film changed its name from "The Campground-" to just "Campground-". Just an F.Y.I

The film stars Anna Love, Casey Weber, Jack Norman, Marla Van Lanen, and Jossart in a slasher celebrationAfter a few friends decided to break into the abandoned campground to have a party they learn quick that the local legend Charlie Varsin is much more than myth. After a bloody night of hiding and surviving The friends decide to look more into the story surrounding Charlie Varsin and they find out much more than they bargained for and find themselves in the middle of something that will get you killed.

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