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Thursday, June 11, 2015

R.I.P Christopher Lee. You Will Always Be The Dracula In My Dreams!

It has been announced that horror icon and godfather of indie film, Christopher Lee has passed away Sunday at age 93. A profound and monumental loss to the horror world and film culture alike. Christopher Lee is and will always be the face of Horror, the face of Hammer Films, and the face of Dracula!

For me Christopher Lee was the first time I witnessed Dracula's fangs, his rampage on the village daughters and the iconic battles between he and Van Helsing. He is also the reason I am obsessed with Hammer Studios and horror in general. The studio gave me one of my two "first crushes" as a kid watching VHS horror marathons on the weekends. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. You rarely saw one in a movie without the other playing his counter.

I have and still enjoy most of Lee's films on a pretty regular basis. So this is my way of saying goodbye to a legend that, to this very day, still stimulates and captivates my mind and heart in horrorific delight! So I am going to list my favorite Christopher Lee performances from 10 to my number 1!

10. The Curse Of Frankenstein

In "The Curse Of Frankenstein, Christopher Lee played the creature. It wasn't the daper dark prince he is to become, but the creature was the first introduction between Lee and Hammer Films and myself.

9. The Hounds Of The Baskervilles

This film was my first experience with Sherlock Holmes films on late night television. This one played on the Saturday night horror show a lot when I was a kid.

8. The Whip And The Body

I ran across this one prowling through the VHS covers at the local rental store and brought it home to watch along with 6 more Hammer horror titles. Back then you could rent up to 10 tapes and keep them for 3 days. That was my weekends!

7. Island Of The Burning Damned

This one isn't as largely known as Lee's other horror films, but it is among those who really enjoyed the years with Terence Fisher directing the future legend of macabre. Lee gives us "dark" so well!

6. The City Of The Dead

This is just a really good movie. The performances and story are so dark, dramatic and entertaining. Plus it is one of my favorite occult themed films of all time.

5. Count Dracula

Come on! That mustache is enough for me, but Count Dracula is a cool vampire film and Christopher Lee knows his part so well that by this time it becomes hard to imagine anyone else as the Prince of Darkness.

4. Dracula: Prince Of Darkness

This earlier Dracula flick is among the best of Hammer horror films and one of the most beloved of Dracula and Christopher Lee films.

3. Curse Of The Crimson Altar

This is just one of the coolest occult, satanic sunday flicks of all time! Christopher Lee may also be responsible for my strong pull toward the occult as well!

2. Dracula Has Risen From The Grave

Dracula is like an unstoppable monster man! It is just Christopher Lee doing what Lee does best! Being the Prince of Darkness!

1. Horror Of Dracula

Horror Of Dracula is my first intro into Hammer's spin on Dracula and my love of all things vampire and Christopher Lee. I still watch this film at least once a month sometimes more.

Well it is a late salute to the great Prince Of Darkness and a forever hot Horror icon. A couple of years back I did a photo blog post for Horror Of Dracula, check out Part 1 and Part 2 for some cool DVD stills of the film.

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