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Friday, May 22, 2015

SGL Entertainment To Focus On Subject Zero In Newest Acquisition

Subject OSGL Entertainment will bring us to the dark giallo edges of horror with their latest pick up, “Subject O: Shattered Memories”. The film is directed by  Tiziano Cella and stars Cristina Lizzul, Jonathan Silvestri, Tiziano Cella, David White, Stefano Patti, Martina Palmitesta, Cinzia Susino, Laura Fimognari, Yuri Antonosante, Viviana Rondinone, Giuseppe Torre, Qiuyu Liu, Salvo Di Natale, Simone Paradiso, Lauren Jane Matic, Lorenzo De Angelis, Isabelle Awity, Carlo Fabiano and Susanna Rose. The release will be across multiple media outlets such as VOD platforms, DVD and Blu-ray.

Also check out the NSFW images and the tight trailer below. This is one that I am stoked for. The poster doesn’t really do the film justice but the trailer hits all the g spots.

Robert Williams is called by the police during a business meeting. His wife Lauren is in shock, after finding a dead man in her home. More dead bodies are found in the city the day after. The modus operandi looks the same but there’s something not quite right. Is it the same killer or a copycat? Police start investigating the mysterious murders, but it looks like someone has unleashed the perfect prototype. The question is… will they be able to keep everything under control?





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