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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Get Ready For ‘Empire Of The Dead’ - The Series

EOTDIn the vein of “Hella Yes Awesome News” it has been announced that Demarest (Tusk) will be adapting George A. Romero’s epic graphic novel Empire Of The Dead into a television series! Variety broke the story stating that Romero will write the series and longtime partner Peter Grunwald will co-write. Romero, Grunwald and Sam Englebardt, William D. Johnson of Demarest will be heading production. The announcement was made at Cannes Film Festival.

Empire Of The Dead is as iconic within the graphic novel world as “Night Of The Living Dead” is in the film world. Both by the man who slammed that final nail into the brains of pop culture solidifying the zombie apocalypse in our hearts and minds! So to have Romero and Grunwald actually physically working on this new series is frickin’ awesome as hell! I mean it would work either way but to have the creator coming in and giving it to us once more personally is well – damn it- AWESOME!

Empire Of The Dead is a 15 issue series split into 3 ACTs. ACT: Unlike Romero’s other zombie works this one has a big twist to it. The living dead come in two forms zombies and vampires. Welcome to New York City years after the undead plague has erupted...but just because Manhattan has been quarantined, don't think that everyone inside is safe! Not only do flesh-eaters roam Manhattan, but there's another ancient predator that has taken a bloody bite out of the Big Apple: vampires rule the city! But who is plotting against the Mayor? Is there a zombie uprising afoot? Who is the firecracker known as Dixie Peach? And in the pit of the bloody Circus Maximus, can anything stop the unchained fury of the zombie gladiator known as Zanzibar? It's zombies vs. vampires - with humans caught in the crossfire!

ACT II: It's zombies vs. vampires vs. an invading militia as the legendary George Romero unleashes the next chapter in his ferocious undead epic! Welcome back to a very different New York City, one that's still standing - barely - years after a world-changing undead plague. Zombies are used for sport in the arena, and vampires rule the city! But now outside forces are knocking on Manhattan's walls, and death rains down from above! What is this new threat to NYC? And what's worse for the city's few remaining normal residents: the roaming flesh-eaters who seem to be growing smarter every day...the ruling blood-suckers struggling to keep their grip on power...or the newly arrived Southern army, bent on pillaging the greatest city in the world?

ACT III:It's zombies vs vampires - with desperate citizens caught in the crossfire - as the legendary George Romero unleashes the fi nal chapter in his new undead epic! Zombie Autopsy! But is Xavier dead or undead? Dr. Penny Jones may have a nasty surprise coming her way! Who is kidnapping the children of NYC, where are they taking them, and why? The future of Manhattan may rest in the answers!
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