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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

First Official Preview For "Night Of The Living Death: Rebirth" Released

The first official clip has been released for Roger Conner's upcoming retelling to Romero's cult classic has been released. "Night Of The Living Dead: Rebirth" keeps with Romero's social commentary by bringing the zombie nightmare into the 21st century with our generation's biggest social debates. Based on the clip, which first made my hair stand on my neck then gave me chills, Conner's film may very well be the standout of the myriad "Night Of The Living Dead" remakes to come along since it was first dared to be done back in 1990!

"Night Of The Living Dead: Rebirth" stars Aswan Harris, Roger Conners, Alvin Hudson, Rachel Anderson, Bradley Arner, Taylor Nelms, and RJ Messenger. Also check out the awesome stills that have come out recently giving us the classic, subdued "original" zombie look. Which is yet again proof of Conner's devotion and love affair with Romero's vision of a world turned horror as the undead rise. 

What begins as an annual visit to their family grave-site quickly becomes a night of sheer terror as two brothers are unexpectedly forced to fight back against a sudden onslaught of violent assailants. Soon, eight complete strangers find themselves barricaded inside a rural farmhouse in an attempt to survive against the ever-growing army of murderous creatures outside.

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