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Friday, May 29, 2015

My Review Of 'Shadow World: The Haunting Of Mysti Delane"

Daniel Falicki's "Shadow World: The Haunting Of Mysti Delane" is a chilling haunting tale that blends "First Peoples"/Native magic passed down through the ages by Native American tribes. The film stars Liz Nolan and Peri Jill Phillips. The story follows Mysti Delane who is some what of a trouble and lost girl. Disheartened by the world around her she turns to the other world through a type of Earth magic in an attempt at escapism. Her sister tries desperately to save her from the darkness that followed Mysti home.

The story is a depressing, somber piece of emotional melodrama that delivers. It never loses the energy or haunting movement that is created at the beginning of the film. There is no times were the story falls flat or the energy dies out. It is just a chilling ballet of emotional, and visual surrealism. "Shadow World: The Haunting OF Mysti Delane" is a relatable story for almost anyone. You can strip down to the basic components of dealing with loss, feelings of abandonment and not belonging, never mind the mystical, magical, and paranormal components. That just adds to a well thought out, nicely delivered character study.

The special effects are a carefully balanced mix of shadow/light cinematography with some cool practical effects used during possession scenes that work well to really sell the moment. They don't feel cheap or poorly executed. The surrealism is heavy and theatrical. Dark and yet beautifully framed dreams stained by darkness and the thing that is haunting Mysti. The creature usage is perfect. The way Daniel Falicki chose to bring in the "demon" or "Shadow man" put some real horror in the story that looked creepy as heck.

Overall, "Shadow World" is a mature, well thought out story that never goes for big bangs or "pop corn" moments. It keeps a constant level of atmosphere that is true macabre and "new age-y". Mostly I was impressed with how the whole story and feeling was almost out of step with modern times and handled a spiritual belief system with understanding. I really can't say anything bad about the film. Okay I hated how it just ends the way it does but I get it. It continues the ballet of haunting artistry that is "Shadow World: The Haunting Of Mysti Delane".
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