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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Crowd Funding Underway For Sci-fi Horror "Being"

There is still almost a month left to help fund upcoming sci-fi/horror "Being". The film is directed by Doug C. Williams and stars Lance Henriksen, Robert John Burke, Brian Foyster, Christian Davies, and Jason Iannacone. The crowd funding is set up over on Kickstarter.

The story all takes place in one night, on a farmhouse in an insignificant town in the mountains.

A mysterious, bright burst of light explodes from inside the barn, knocking out the power.

The drunken gathering going on inside of the house comes to an abrupt halt.

There is a creature they will discover in the barn...
Not human.

Something they do not understand.

And as always, when the beliefs of a weak and fearful mankind are threatened, they turn on each other...

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