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Monday, April 20, 2015

Pre-production Starts For Giallo Horror “Delusional”

Pre-production is underway for “return to giallo” horror “Delusional”. The film is being directed by Noah Nicholas Nelson from a screenplay written by George Snow. “Delusional” is an homage to 60’s and 70’s horror directors Bava, Argento and Hitchcock. The story follows two young nurses who, along with their boss, find themselves in peril during the final night open at a local hospital. With the leading cast in place and filming only heartbeats away this sounds like a deliciously terrifying thriller!
Bridgette, a young nursing school graduate, is pulling a night shift at the local hospital on the facility's final night open. Little does she know, someone is watching and waiting for her, slowly stalking her and her co-workers through the night. The following morning, Nelson Memorial Hospital will close its doors for good.

Two young nurses and their curmudgeonly boss are cleaning and prepping the patients to be transported to the new facility. Soon-to-be jobless and down on her luck recent graduate, Bridgette, has a lot on her plate. Haunted by memories for her past, her and her co-workers must stick together when threatened by a local escaped serial killer. With all of this coming for her, can Bridgette survive or is she just Delusional?
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