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Thursday, April 23, 2015

My Review Of “The House At The End Of Time”

THATEOT“The House At The End Of Time” is a atmospheric blended genre film both elevated and stylish. It is directed by Alejandro Hidalgo and combines both the science fiction concepts of time warp and temporal rift with elements of paranormal and haunting illusionism. “The House At The End Of Time” is Venezuela's top grossing film of 2013 and offers a gothic nightmare to rival any horror or fantasy created by some of Latin America’s more notable directors/storytellers. The film stars Ruddy Rodriguez, Rosmel Bustamante, Héctor Mercado, Gonzalo Cubero, Guillermo García.

The story revolves around a family near destitute, offered the opportunity to have a home with the help of the local government. Unfortunately the house comes at a high price that far reaches any monetary cost. It harbors a chilling secreted past that is dark and very disturbing. Framed more as a haunted dwelling, and attached to the chilling paranormal 11:11 theory, “The House At The End Of Time” is one of the creepiest and dramatic horror films that I have seen. One that actually creates deep, emotional suspense and melodrama while offering a more heartfelt connection between the viewer and the characters on screen.

Hidalgo is brilliant in his direction of this truly horrific situation. The acting is an even-paced, suspenseful display of despair, tension, and downright creepy character development. One that in the end gives us a true “happy ending” fitting a nightmare. It is a dark, theatrical foray of relationships, second chances, and tragedy embraced by heavy, atmospheric paranormal scenarios that keep this doomed family on the edge of hopelessness. “The House At The End Of Time” is impressive, thought provoking and cerebral.

The special effects used in “The House At The End Of Time” are a collection of instrumental sound effects classic to a gothic ghost story, typical paranormal camera tricks, and stellar make-up effects that give you the total haunting illusion while masking the nightmare’s true nature. A nature that lends more to quantum theories of time distortions like the ones I mentioned earlier-temporal rifts and time warps. The overall effectiveness of the styling and illusions used here are executed beautifully, keeping the story’s heavy sorrowful overcast, the dark subject matter, and melodrama in near perfect balance from the film’s beginning right up until the more pleasant ending. “The House At The End Of Time” is a  fantastical story both dark and disturbing that I believe all movie fans will enjoy, not just horror fans.
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