Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Exclusive Trailer For “Sorrow”

sorrowCheck out the new exclusive trailer for indie horror “Sorrow”. The film is directed by Millie Loredo and stars Andrew Sensenig, Vannessa Vasquez, Eric Martinez, Mary Etuk, Melissa Mars, Brenden Whitney, Donny Boaz, Evangeline Gabriel Young. The film is expecting an April 12th release.

Early one morning in the bucolic town of Fieldhouse, Texas the local residents awaken and start the day preparing to go about their business. Detective Ana Salinas is called to a crime scene unaware that this dispatch is going to be far from a usual day at work. Inside the modest home are two corpses, a kill room littered with the discarded clothing of numerous victims and strewn with blood smeared torture devices. Ana Salinas partner and lover is killed almost immediately when he unwittingly triggers a booby trap packing spring loaded darts.

A young woman is found at the crime scene, dazed and confused with a bullet wound to the shoulder, but mysteriously slips away from the hospital before she can be questioned. It is revealed that the young woman, Mila Sweeney, a forensic psychologist has been captured weeks before by the Killers, relentlessly tortured and abducted to Texas. Mila has endured nights of unspeakable terror, listening as the psychopaths torture and kill women.

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