Thursday, January 22, 2015

360 Studios Launches With An Exiting List Of Indie Films

360 studios1
An LA-based team of veterans in the film and music industry is launching a new entertainment company, 360 Studios, serving the fields of film and music production, and spanning the globe with members from Canada to Australia, including Russia, Morocco, England and Mexico.

The company was originally created to produce and finance feature films, in various genres, markets and territories, as 360 Films. Today, the company has, in addition, formed a record label, 360 Records, and is building a solid slate for 2015-2016 releases.

“360 Studios focuses on developing artists to work at their full potential, while providing them with a platform for exposure”, says Keith Barrows, founder.

“I am very thrilled about this new company”, says the newly-appointed CEO Tatyana Bulgakova. “We will act as an incubator and take artists to a level where major record labels will just have to take over and boost them into stardom”.

360 studios How it all began

With 30 plus years of experience, Keith Barrows, the Londonian founder of 360 Studios, started out as an engineer and mixer for artists such as Ozzy Ozbourne, U2, Ray Charles, Black Eyed Peas, Rage against the Machine and on shows such as Michael Jackson’s Earth Song, Kill Bill BANG BANG and The Sopranos. As the supervisor of all the media initiatives of the Sinatra family, he worked in Production Management touring with major artists like Nancy Sinatra and The Commodores in venues such as Carnegie Hall and the Dodgers Stadium. Barrows recently decided to start working on his own projects and that’s when he met his key partner Tatyana Bulgakova. Aside from being a gifted pianist, the three-Master’s degree holder from Russia has traveled around the globe to teach music to students of all levels.

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