Saturday, November 1, 2014

Crowd Funding Starts For Horror Film “Deep Shock”

Deep ShockThe crowd funding campaign has started for Italian horror film “Deep Shock”. The short film is a tribute to much praised Italian giallo and comes from award-winning director Davide Melini. “Deep Shock” is inspired by the most famous horror movies of two of the most important Italian directors: Dario Argento (Deep Red) and Mario Bava (Shock). The Campaign is taking place over on with some pretty cool perks so check it out. Also check out the first teaser for the short film below.

Sarah can’t completely overcome the deaths of her grandfather and her older sister. The trauma and lack of sleep cause her to embark on a strange journey of apparitions and murders, apparently caused by her mind. The plot offers the audience the chance to feel identified and be brought to different challenges: rational vs. irrational, thriller vs. horror, life vs. death, good vs. evil… All of this taking into account characteristic elements of the “giallo”.

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