Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Trailer For “They Have Escaped”

1The first trailer has been released for Finnish art film “They Have Escaped”. The drama is directed by J-P Valkeapää and is due out later this year. “They Have Escaped” stars Teppo Manner, Roosa Söderholm, Petteri Pennilä, and Pelle Heikkilä . The film is described as a road movie about marginalized people.

A boy and girl meet at a custody center for problematic youth. The boy has come to serve his obligatory civil service. The girl is one of the youths in custody, and she is constantly in trouble, a fire inside her, a lust for life that can't be quashed or controlled. The boy becomes infatuated with her. He is a quiet one - a stutterer. But there is a fire inside him as well. Rules, laws, punishment - the shackles of a hostile, uncompromising environment around them - can be broken. They steal a car and flee together. Thus begins a journey on an endless road with infinite escapes.

They Have Escaped - Trailer from Revolver on Vimeo.

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