Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Teaser From “The Windmill Massacre”

1A second teaser trailer has been released for English language, Dutch slasher “The Windmill Massacre”. The film is directed by Nick Jongerius and is about a group of young tourists from all over the world, who embark on a Dutch windmill tour, who embark on a windmill tour through the Dutch countryside and end up facing a cold-blooded, masked killer who lives in an abandoned windmill.

 One by one he goes after the members of the group using his scythe, spiked wooden shoes and the mill to grind and mould his victims. Through the last survivors we learn the horrific truth and motivations behind this madman.Also check out these cool stills from the film’s production.

The Windmill Massacre combines the richness and traditions of The Netherlands and drenches them in blood. Its iconic green fields, grazing black & white cows, bulb fields, panoramic skies and traditional windmills, will never be the same again after seeing...The Windmill Massacre.

                              the Windmill Massacre Teaser from Pellicola BV on Vimeo.




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