Thursday, June 5, 2014

International Trailer For “Purgatorio”

1The international trailer has been released for Pau Teixidor’s “Purgatorio”. The film had a Spanish theatrical and VOD release April 4th, 2014 and stars Oona Chaplin, Sergi Méndez, Andrés Gertrúdix and Ana Fernández. “Purgatorio” is the debut directorial film for Teixidor and hopefully will land in the west soon. I love me some foreign films. Produced by Apaches Entertainment, Cine365 & Atresmedia Cine.

Marta (Oona Chaplin) is a young woman who just lost her son and can not overcome the feeling of guilt for his death. After moving with her husband (Andrew Gertrúdix) to an apartment in a nearly empty building, her trauma takes hold of her during one night. Her flamboyant neighbor (Ana Fernández) knocks on their door to ask Marta to take care of her young son, a kid who seems to speak with the dead. As the hours pass, Daniel is adopting an increasingly nervous and violent behavior, and even claims to be accompanied by another child that no one can see. For Marta, a nightmare begins, during which her trauma gains an increasingly tight grip on her. Is it possible that the spirit of her son has followed her to her new home?

PURGATORIO - Trailer from Pau Teixidor on Vimeo.

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