Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My Review Of “Blood Of Dracula’s Castle”

bodc“Blood Of Dracula’s Castle” is a 1969 film from Crown International Pictures directed by Al Adamson, and Jean Hewitt. The story takes place at the castle of Count and Countess Townsend, really Count Dracula and his wife. They lure a young women to their home for a continued blood supply. When a young man inherits the castle and appears with his young girlfriend the Count and Countess set out to chase away the couple.

The story of “Blood Of Dracula’s Castle” is a bit of a train wreck with very little true attention paid to detail as the story falls apart. John Carradine, Paula Raymond, Alexander D'Arcy, Robert Dix, Gene Otis Shayne, Jennifer Bishop and Ray Young all star in the film which gives a nice nostalgia for some of us when watching “Blood Of Dracula’s Castle” but not enough to really warrant any fan’s of Dracula’s to embrace the film completely. Dracula and his wife are practically neutered and remind me of the time the Flintstone’s met Count Dracula. The addition of Mango, and a homicidal maniac to the film should have brought with them more blood but the only red that flows in this film mostly languishes in the glasses of Count and Countess Townsend. All this makes for a dull viewing experience.

The effects and soundtrack for “Blood Of Dracula’s Castle” are also neutered in this one. For a film that claims to be exploitation horror I found no real show of exploitation save the bevvy of beauties chained to the castle wall. The deaths are almost none-existent and for the most part implied so I don’t get the exploitative aspect branded to this film. The sound is very 1969 cheap-o that screams love-me-late-night-horror-host so there is no real reason to even bother with addressing that element of “Blood Of Dracula”. Embrace this one if you wanna, I justify having it by my unending love of even crappy old movies and John Carradine. New horror fans just no that this is a 1969 Hammer film wanna be so don’t expect much of anything here.

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