Monday, May 5, 2014

Bill Oberst Jr. Joins Cast Of “Blood Angel”

1Carl Lindbergh has announced that horror icon Bill Oberst Jr. has signed on to join the cast of “Blood Angel”. Oberst  will be playing the tortured and darkly homicidal anti-hero, Icarus! “Blood Angel” is also set to star Marshal Hilton, Arielle Brachfeld and Maria Olsen in this edgy, fever-dream tale, interweaving alternative realities, the occult and Nazi Germany.

Blood Angel” is a thriller/horror film about a time traveling Nazi scientist. Germany, early 1940's. The Nazi regime are developing "wonder weapons" to win the war. The wonder weapons range from the occult to theorized time travel. The Nazi's lose the war, but their secrets remain hidden until now.

Blood Angel has elements of a slasher film, with intense scenes of gore, but there are deeper themes in regards to time travel. Such as mortality, the meaning of life, and reconnecting with loved ones. There is the gore to satiate the horror fans, but if they want a deeper meaning to the film, the characters have emotional undercurrents to their actions.

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