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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Teaser Art For “Haddie”

Check out the down right frightening teaser art for horror film “Haddie”. The film is being directed by Jett West. “Haddie” is set to star Maria Olsen as the lead/title character. Olsen had this to say about the film, “ I LOVE the script, and I'm quite sure that this is going to be a major hit! Huge thanks go to the awesome Wain Bradley and Jimmy Jett Westmoreland, the creatives behind the project, for giving me this wonderful opportunity! And, yes, it's totally time for all of you to learn more about this excellent film…”. (click the highlighted title above to go to the film’s Facebook page) “Haddie” is set to begin filming in Mountain Home, Arkansas in the summer of 2014.

Debbie and Stephen, bickering and barely clinging to their marriage, travel to the deep country to care for Debbie's ailing aunt. Once there, they discover a secret Haddie has kept hidden for years - and find themselves trapped in the house by animals they never knew existed. In the middle of it all, Debbie's sister Sherry, arrives, drunk, with unresolved feelings for Stephen. Before the night's over, they will question what the creatures outside are, and whether or not any of them have a chance of getting out alive.

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